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Wedding Planning – How to Plan a Wedding

January 19th, 2010

By Angel S.

Planning your own wedding is not an easy job and that is especially when the wedding days are nearing. The task of making sure that everything is going according to plan could be very stressful and demanding on your nerves. Sometimes this puts so much stress on the couple that they lose the site of why they are getting married.

First step a couple have to do before choosing the reception hall, wedding dress and ring is to sit down and set a realistic budget of the total amount you both agree that will be spent. This will clearly set a realistic tone on what to spend on each item. This will not leave topic to supposition that might get you both upset and maybe even cancel the wedding.

The one and most important decision a couple has to make to agree on a wedding date; that is the first decision made between the couple. One aspect of the wedding date is the availability of the church, reception hall, and making sure that the most important people you wish to attend will be available; like your friends and family

If you wish to save money some venues where weddings are held offer special discounts on those days that traditionally weddings are not held. The time of the wedding can also help you get a discount. If you choose to marry at times that normally people do not get married like: mornings and afternoons versus a nighttime wedding. The month and time of year can also help reduce the cost of the wedding; try not to marry during peak time.

The couple should make a list of all the people each would like to invite to their wedding and sit down to keep it to the total number both of you gave agreed. It is imperative that both of you understand that it is not her or his wedding but of your wedding. The dream wedding of each person might not necessarily might be the others dream wedding. Respect each other’s choice but come to one agreement and try to stick to it. That is why you both need to sit down and write everything you both agree regards to size of the party, venue/reception, food and drinks and the entertainment.

The guest list is one of the most important agreements because this will set the cost of your wedding. Decide whether this will be a large wedding or an intimate affair where you will invite your most intimate family and friends.

A professional photographer will be your best asset because they will capture the best of your wedding and you always will be able to look back at this date through the pictures the photographer has taken. Those cherished moments will be captured and that is one cost you will never regret.

Yes, you can have your family and friends take pictures but they will never look as professional as the paid photographers; you are going to want to share them with family and friends.

The cake is always best to do a cake tasting before deciding which cake to buy. Make this part of the wedding celebration by inviting your most intimate family and friends to your cake tasting. This way, this task becomes fun for everyone.

When it comes to your wedding invitation you can be as creative as you both wish. With a good home printer and wedding invitation software you can produce your own invitation. This can also be shared by your closest family and friends and make a time to remember. Maybe making them is not your cup of tea; have a professional design them and print them out for you.

This is not last or least; the wedding dress. Start looking for a wedding gown a few months before the wedding. It will give the bride plenty of time to make a selection that she will never regret. The groom should make arrangements to rent or buy a tuxedo, preferably in advance also. With plenty of time in case the groom encounters some trouble with the fitting, you will have some time to make other arrangements.

Couples should consider hiring a wedding planner if they find that they do not have enough time on their hands, or find that the total task of preparations that go into planning a wedding might be too overwhelming. A wedding planner makes sure that everything goes according to plan and leaving you both to enjoy the process; they will organize and coordinate everything for you.

Angel S. likes to write articles about health, diet, self improvement, wedding plans and now you can visit her website at http://www.weddingplannerjobs.org.

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